In modern global economy, organizations are faced with increasing pressure to reduce or manage costs, improve or maintain quality, and optimize business relationships between customers and suppliers.
Our strategic search specialists help organizations to create and implement tactical solutions for goods search and purchase initiatives while eliminating the main risks of supply disruptions. SIA
VOLPES continues to help companies implement best practices in various industries, in the field of strategic search, thereby achieving significantly higher cost and value savings.
We help our clients achieve the desired results by offering all parties- relevant service providers and outsourced customer – to find an exceptional solution for an existing business problem.

A strategic approach requires analysis of each supplier, as well as each category of expenses. All existing suppliers are separately assessed for quality risk, availability risk, financial risk and level of
cooperation. Once the risks are identified, actions can be taken to prevent or reduce the risk.
SIA VOLPES has a team of experienced strategic search consultants who help customers achieve the desired results in the long term while meeting the requirements of existing restrictions.
Please contact us to help your business build integrated supply chain planning methods ranging from long-term sales and operations planning, strategic planning to everyday operational planning.

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